Trucker's Blankie

One is of the age to be knitting baby things again.

Two of the Baby Love blankies of gone to very good homes but this one is waiting patiently for a baby boy.  I know.  I know.  Or a baby girl who's daddy wants her to be interested in trucks.

Made with Debbie Bliss Mia 50 % wool 50 % cotton blend.  The most beautiful fabric for baby stuff.  Soft and elastic like knitted wool AND washable just like new mums want.

Double Knitting gives that fabulous no-wrong-side thingy.  Double fabric for double warmth and double cleverness.

An heirloom to give birth for!

You can find the pattern on Etsy.

Summer Knitting Workshop

Now knitting in summer might not be your thing


it might be your thing in the Southern Highlands of NSW where it never gets REALLY hot


in five and half fabulous days we will learn

The art of design
The technique of design
Knitting in the round with the magic loop
Continental knitting
Fair Isle knitting
Long tail cast on
Reading your knitting

And a bunch of new things like

Short rows
Tubular cast on
Tubular cast off
Kitchener grafting

And a whole bunch of tricks to make your knitting... well... so much more ... FABULOUS than it already is.


from Jan 4 - 9

In Mittagong

And share in ALL the joyous creativity that happens there

Bookmaking, woodwork, botanical drawing, weaving, basketry, silver smithing, heaps of things.

Baby Love

Baby Love

A double knit baby blanket.

Well there IS a new baby in the family, with little Marlo brightening our lives these last 7 months.  The Bloke is now a Poppy and a very happy Poppy too.  

And this blankie keeps Marlo warm in her cot in Sydney.

Reckon you might like to make it too?
The pattern is here....

on Etsy

Knitting technique:Double Knitting Measurements:80 x 106 cm (31 x 43 in)

VERY IMPORTANT TIP:if you have never done double knitting before, there are many free lessons on Youtube but the very best lessons are by Lucy Neatby on Craftsy.Start with a small practice square of squares and then a small square with one heart to test your skills before you invest all your time and energy into the blankie. It will be worth it.

Materials: Debbie Bliss Mia (wool/cotton blend) 50g balls (100m/109yds), 1xFuschia (008), 1xCinamon (013), 2xCitrus (015), 2xRose (010), 2xDuck (006), 3xRuby (009), 10xWhite (001)
Tools:5mm circular needles with 100cm cable length, US No.8, UK No.6 with…


I am now an Old Married Woman and The Bloke has become The Husband, though he will always be The Bloke to me.

Here we are with our sons, my son Ben and Julian's son Dan with fiance Ash and baby Marlo.

I love this photo.

We tied the knot just over a week ago on Saturday 2 May in fine weather at our home on the Sunshine Coast.
And here are my clever, funny, generous and beautiful flower girls, Grace and Joy, making sure we do all the formal legal stuff correctly.

Yes all the flowers are knitted (by moi) as are the girls boleros.  They chose their own fabric print which their Aunty Em made up for them.

It was a big adventure leading into and out the other side, with fifty guests coming from everywhere, staying for days and celebrating with a lot of love and joi de vivre.

Its my first time.  Took The Bloke/Husband 13 years to propose.  He said he had to mullet over but that as One was, after all, more purl than plain, he'd better show some guts and "snapper up". 


Rosie Posy makes a Comeback!

What once was free is free again.
The pattern for Rosie Posy can be found HERE
Have fun and keep knitting.

Workshop Wonders

I dunno really!

One of these girls was in such a hurry to get here, she drove a little too fast and got pulled over by the constabulary.

Mr Policeman:  Is there are reason you were going 80 kph in a 60 zone madam?

Ms Knitter: Well officer, we are on the way to make tea cosies and we don't want to be late.

Me thinks that officer was about to win the "Most Unusual Excuse Award" for the day back at the station.  He let Ms Knitter off with a warning. 

Yep.  This was definitely worth hurrying for.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy opens in Ballina

The Portraits of a Tea Cosy exhibition is now open at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina, Norther NSW.

You're a clever chap Mark Crocker.

It was like meeting my old friends again, seeing the beautiful photographs of all those tea cosy guardians from Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

As soon as I walked in the door of the gallery.... well look at me... adjusting, preening, fluffing up those cosies.

The people of Ballina and surrounds.

The Mayor of Ballina, David Wright.
Turns out he is a bit of a fan of tea cosies!!!
The official business - welcome to country, introductions, and a little bit of talking.
And then there was the two day workshop - a small group of four fabulous women. 

As I always say, all the best people were there.

Zeez eez what they made.

And zeez is it how it made them smile.

Christine and Alice Fay and Alex Gay and Kim
Thank you for playing tea cosy so nicely with me over the weekend in Ballina.

And thank you to Christine Jones (yes that great girl a…