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200 Crochet Blocks

It was out of my impatience to try all 200 crochet blocks from Jan Eaton's fabulous book that this crochet alphabet soup of a rug grew. No rhyme or reason. Higgledy piggledy. Might settle down to something more symetrical one day soon.

The Beginning of this Knitting Nonsense

It was the Rugby World Cup 2003 that did it. And a bloke I didn't yet know everything about. Still don't. Not that that's a bad thing. Indeed it's possibly a very good thing. Anyway. Sport looms large and long on our TV screen. This funny old rug led the way for many a knitted thing, dedicated to cricket tests, golf tournaments, tennis matches and err... FOUR football codes. Not to mention the odd minute of car racing... my LIMIT!!!

Important to have SOME limits. And there is a great deal of knitting to be thankful for.

Corrections and Improvements WTC

My sincere apologies for any mistakes. I know how I feel when I find mistakes in patterns. NOT happy. I have a blind trust that if it is published then it must be correct. I'll knit and reknit a thing over and over before believing that this published thing is wrong. I hope I haven't put you to the same trouble. If you find anything at all that you don't understand please email me at Thank you for your patience.

The Australian print run has the following mistakes. These are now put right for the U.K. and U.S.A print run released in November in time for Christmas.

P.17 – Rosie Posy

Rounds 1-4 *K2, P2*, repeat (a change)

Take note: the pattern is K2 P2 ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!!

P.18 – Rosie Posy

Row 1: Skip the first 2 ch (counts as first dc) and make 1 htr into the third chain from the hook, 1 htr into the next 2 ch, 1dc into next ch. *1 htr into next 3 ch, 1 dc into next ch* (an addition)

P.25 – Roly Poly

The lovely roll-up effect occurs when…