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Noosa Long Weekend Launch

Me with the Brides of Frank. 2 of 5 very silly women who made me smile and talk in a very high pitched voice at the launch of the Noosa Long Weekend program. You might have seen us on the Channel 7 local news. Local to the Sunshine Coast that is. I'm a star in my own lunch time.

Oh and picture no. 2, I am in the foyer of the Noosa Regional Gallery with a little taste of things to come at the Wild Tea Cosy book launch and exhibition in July.

Sleeveless in Seattle - Twin Tea Cosies

Here is a perfectly good Cardi wot I knitted, a coat of many colours. As it turns out, too many colours. Enough to make one sea sick. And the front bits were too big. You'll just have to believe me about that part. It comes of being a little too game with colour. And a little too smarty pants about adapting patterns.

So.... I cut off the sleeves, added lead sinkers, poly fill and a bamboo dpn or two and VOILA! A new tea cosy. Twin tea cosies. "Sleeveless in Seattle"

A New Skill

Fair Isle! A first attempt. Had hoped to sock it up but it was never going to stretch over my heel so it isn't anything but a practice piece. The thread is gathered at the back on every third stitch. I'm now learning to 'weave' the thread at the back on every stitch and to knit left handed (continental knitting). Much practice needed, but feeling pretty damn clever already.

Three goes at Noro Kochoran Cardi

Love those buttons. Just forgot the button holes. Oh well. Another pull out. Well it wouldn't be knitting without a pull out or two.

This wool has had 2 previous incarnations, one as a large floppy jacket that made me look like a whale and one as a shoulder wrap that made me look like the side of a house. I'm hoping this incarnation will make me look like a stylish and thin Elle.

To keep the self striping the same width as the front, I've worked two balls of wool - one up each of the left and right side. I like it.

Brown Socks - Eki Riva Supreme 4 ply

This is the most deliciously soft wool. Just reach right in here and feel it. Go on. You'll close your eyes and melt.