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About Friends

I wanted to say something about Christmas. My Christmas. But though the thoughts flow easily and abundantly I can’t allow them to stay for all to read and they are rubbed out again and again. Here I go. There are no tragic anniversaries to recall. There are not seven mouths to feed and no money. It is not the month the sky falls in. It is only the common old childish sibling troubles that bubble and double four fold on the one day of the year that all expect goodwill and cheer, and get little. We three middle aged siblings let each other go four Christmases ago. Rather those other two separated from this one. Those other two still do it together; Christmas, and I know not how it fares. Possibly well without the third to mix it. There is some small sadness left for the loss of naive hope and childish notions, but mostly there is relief. Relief and joy in adult friendships that hold a great capacity for surprise. My friends, I hope that I never think I know you so well tha…

Many New Tea Cosies

The rain came in buckets this morning at first light and then the sun at six and the butcher birds at seven.

There are many new tea cosies afoot but they must remain secreted away until publishing. So long from inception to print. Sooo long.

Answering your questions: I have had a number of inquiries about a pattern for this rug. It is rather beautiful but I must lay blame firmly at the feet of 200 Crocheted Blocks by Jan Eaton. A MUST HAVE in all craft libraries. There is no rhyme or reason to my block pattern. I was too to try as many blocks and colours out as possible in a short time so ended up with this mish mash.

Wild For Tea Cosies - a NEW blog

It is a "Join In" blog. So please join in. Have a look at Wild for Tea Cosies and if you have a tea cosy story and photo to share, email me and I will 'invite' you to become team member.

I can SO knit stuff other than tea cosies

OK OK so it has had an outing before, but not this summer and not since one lost a bit of extraneous fat.

It is a top. I knitted it.

Three Eggs Tea Cosy - For Instance

The Queen of Buttons more commonly known as Ms Bowerbirdz sent me this a whole week ago. Now it would have had an outing right then but for my dumb ISP not knowing that anything that has the words tea and cosy in it is NOT JUNK MAIL!!!

Introducing Three Eggs Tea Cosy. The Queen Of Buttons And All Things Vintage And Scientific tells me it is derived from Rosie Posy but I'd say this is a whole new design.

S'wonderful. S'marvelous.

Thank you Bowerbirdz of the Blue Mountains.

But one can never have enough of THESE!

One cannot imagine all the things that will happen once a book has been published. One thinks that that is the end, the climax, the culmination. It. Done. Finished. But then it has a life all of its own and the funniest things happen. Like Macksville.

All kinds of people email me to say lovely things about how much they enjoy the book, how they took up knitting because of it, how they started again after many years. And some people send me photos of their renditions of Wild Tea Cosies. Every email and every photo is a little gift which I open with a great big smile.

What do you think? What about blog dedicated to tea cosies that you all can contribute to. Wild Tea Cosies, vintage tea cosies and your own magnificent designs. Think I might get right to it....
Thank you
Kate of Sydney for Red Comet
Merryn of Cooroy for Sunflower
Kylie of Wagga Wagga for Rosie Posy
Jennifer of Melbourne for Red Comet (in manly shades of blue grey)
Cynthia of California for Rosie Posy
Erin of Brisbane for Sea…

I know! I know! You've seen HEAPS of these.

... but it was responsible for deflowering my two new 2.75 birch wood Knit Picks circular needles and deserves a little air time.

Wes The Tea Cosy - Proof of Poltergeists

My own very staid tea cosy lives in this corner of the kitchen. I know. I know. But the phone chargers have to go SOMEWHERE! And YES there ARE a lot of coins in the coin jar. Anyway stop looking at that. This post is not about kitchens, coins or chargers.

It is about the Mystery of the Marauding Tea Cosy!

Every night, in the middle of the night, since, hmmm, since the humans stayed overnight in Brisbane for the Avid Reader Christmas bash, this staid tea cosy has been having a BIG ADVENTURE.

I can't show you a picture of the tea pot it used to live on because it had an altercation with the kitchen floor that same night and is no more.

From kitchen bench to lounge room coffee table. Mysteriously. Every night!

I can however, show you a picture of Wes The Cat. At first the humans blamed HIM for the midnight shenanigans. But look at him. Oohh Wezzy boy. Coochy Coo.

No. It has to be solid, indisputable proof of poltergeists!

Drawing Me to You

Every day something new. This morning there was this from The Queen of Drawing. She doesn't call herself The Queen of Drawing. She calls herself Liz and you need to visit her at The Adventures of Borromini today and every day.

I am struck by how well Liz knows and loves her city Sydney. I'm only ever a Sydney visitor and sigh large sighs of awe at every corner when I am there. This last visit I found myself sighing large sighs of dismay at all the people who don't and won't travel further than 20 minutes in any direction from their home.

This is a first. No one has drawn my tea cosy before. I love it. Thank you Liz over at The Adventures of Borromini. Even the reference to the cricket is pertinent. I knit to better endure the cricket - err - the cricket, the 4 codes of football, the golf, the tennis. There isn't any question of NOT knitting during summer :-) But I admit to paying enough attention to be able to enjoy a good thrashing!!!

So today I share my …