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Will I? Won't I? Oh what the heck! On the List.

I just can't help myself really. I just have to tell you. Well why wouldn't I? Unless I was shy, retiring, humble and kept anything at all to myself - THEN I might not tell you. But as I am none of these things.....

Yesterday morning there was an email from the UK publisher Search Press to say that Wild Tea Cosies is in the Nielson Book Data Top 50 Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts Titles for 2009 Week 4. This category includes books about painting, drawing, felting, quilting, sewing, beading and scrapbooking. There is even a book about things to do in a shed.

The Nielson Book Data List (UK) comes from bookstores point of sale scans and by all accounts is not to be sniffed at. Not that any of you would sniff at a list. Or anything at all really. Wild Tea Cosies came in at No.47. Oi. What was that noise?

It is ON THE LIST. It is important to be on the list.

The photos? Well one I brought with me and one I found here.

All right for Some!

We are on holidays, me and the bloke, in Tasmania for 2 weeks. I know. I know. All right for some. We are alternately enjoying BIG ADVENTURES and BIG RESTS.... which is of course exactly what a holiday should be.

Wendy! Please tell Hamlet there are the most adorable pigs living on the Apple Isle. Hazel, The Dancing Pig greeted us every day for 3 days at Cherry View with a dainty twirl and flirty leap. We loved it there with every little thing taken care of with love and joy. Thank you Jenny and Phil.

Yes I am buying wool, knitting with wool, thinking about wool, and taking photos of wool.

The old farmy enginey thingy? It was just so photogenic.

P.S. Thank you for your emails and comments. Please forgive if I don't get to them pronto. Holidays are like that. :-)

Now available on

Yay! Wild Tea Cosies is now available on and in America generally. The US book trade distributor is IPG for stores wanting to get it in.

Looking forward to seeing if the Americans will like their tea cosies as much as the Australians and the English.

Not Vogue Knitting

Q. When is Vogue Knitting NOT Vogue Knitting?

A. When it is sold outside America.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

There is a little review of Wild Tea Cosies in Vogue Knitting!

(Now called Designer Knitting to punters buying the magazine outside America)

Dancing around the room. Smiling from ear to ear. Feeling very chuffed indeed.

<--- This is what it looks like to the Aussies, the Poms and the rest of you. Different name and cover. SAME content.

This is what it will look like to the Americans. (I think - if the picture doesn't pop up, hit the 'Subscribe' button in the menu.)

Off you all go now and buy your copy!

Not a Knit Off

... but a Sketch Off

Anybody at all who wants to draw my cosies - get in line - for a third sketch artist will surely warrant the forming of a line.

Thank you thank you thank you Shelly. You can also find Shelly HERE. They are truly beautiful and make me think of ....

...Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. They lived with their Mother in a sand-bank, underneath the root of a very big fir-tree.

(That Beatrix liked her hyphens didn't she?)

Especially the bit at the very end where that naughty Peter had to go to bed with dose of camomile tea when the others had bread and milk and blackberries for supper.

I bet that camomile tea wouldn't have seemed so much like medicine if it had had one of these little beauties to cover the pot.

It really is all about....

In 2005 we went to this town in Mexico. Oaxaca.

(be sure to click on photos to embiggen)

We spent half a day with this man in his courtyard/studio a neigbouring village. Isaac Vasquez. Teotitlan.

He spun and dyed this fabulous wool...

.... to create this fabulous rug to be photographed in back drop for Turkish Delight, published in Wild Tea Cosies.

It really is all about Tea Cosies.

Learning Something New

One usually knits very tightly and evenly and feels very pleased with Oneself at the result. But One is learning something new and insists on continuing in One's usual style when One has been told over and over again to KNIT LOOSELY!

Others knit beautiful Fair Isle socks that fit over a heel. Why can't One? This colourful sock satisfies the 'wearable' criteria but not yet the 'perfection' criteria. It does indeed fit over a heel but the two-thread stitches are very wobbly. One will have to remember what One used to tell her violin students oh so very long ago. Practice, practice, practice.

Of course One would be very appreciative of useful tips to assist perfectly even stitches when using the Fair Isle technique. Very appreciative.

Kristin Nicholas very kindly posted about my little book on her blog. So I went searching all around her blog to discover a most glorious barrage of colour. Her post, her blog, her colour, led me back to my favourite socks in my …

Sarong, Socks, Friends, Fellas and...

It is sarong weather, not sock weather but for this orgasmic Eki Riva 4 ply Supreme Alpaca. It is to die for (and to sweat for) - for a photo shoot - for a minute. For THE MOST exquisite hand knitted sock experience - you should try it at least once in your life.

In our decrepitude, we will remember the BIG adventures - and all the people who come for the ride. 2008 has been one hell of a ride. If a picture could tell a thousand words then these few photos would be a tome.

All because of a smile down the phone from G (who gave me this). Clever clever Managing Editor.

And these fabulous fellows. Clever clever lads.

We had this big adventure

Shared by these great friends! and one or two others.

All the while holding hands with this funny lovely bestest friend in the whole wide world.