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To the Right of me and to the Left of me

And a lesson in fisheries management science.

Port Stephens is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive North of Sydney or an 11 hour drive South of the Sunshine Coast where we live.

Every year for about 30 years The Bloke (a marine biologist) has attended the Port Stephens Game Fishing Tournament, the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere with between 180 and 230 boats turning up each year to fish for Marlin, Shark, Mahi Mahi and some other oceanic fish over two weekends.

30 years ago all the fish were killed and brought in to be weighed. But thankfully things change, sometimes for the better, and 90% of the fish caught now are tagged and released. The information gathered at initial tagging and then at recapture (about 1%) is vital to scientists in fisheries management.

The fish that are brought in are measured, aged, sexed with samples taken for dna. Again all this information helps understand a bit more about what is out there and how it is faring.

After all the prodding and poking, the fis…

The Tea Cosy Lady, The Chicken Lady and The Button Lady

Have you ever met any of your blogpals in person?

Last year I played a blog game, Blogtoberfest, the brainchild of The Tin Lady. I was reticent to join in. Slow to 'get' it. Doubtful of its purpose. And wondered endlessly at the nonsense of it all. But still I stayed and played.

After all I think that blogging might be like traveling on the train. Many people choose to sit in the same carriage as you. You can just sit beside them with eyes ahead, or you can look about a bit and smile. You can engage those who are game in friendly chit chat.

Rarely if ever do you invite a fellow traveller into the inner rings circling your crusty scaly barrier. Well I don't anyway.

This week The Chicken Lady and The Button Lady and The Tea Cosy Lady stepped over the line and met face to face; to eat, to shop and to show and tell.

How very excellent to meet you both. How very excellent. Thank you.

And thank you too Ms Tin Lady

The Knitting:
A work in progress:
Something to wile …

Not Knitting

Today I flickr'd "art dolls" which led me to a weird and wonderful collection of imaginings.

Visit Primitive Folk Art by Old World Primitives

Gees! I was so taken I thought to pick up my sewing needle. That, and all that fabric folding. But only for a nano second. Whew!

Wonder Woman meets the Tasmanian Devil

Why the Wonder Woman tiara I hear you ask?

One should always wear something special on one's head when one is doing housework, for how can one possibly be shitty about doing housework if one is wearing something special on one's head.

And the tiger ears are a bit worse for wear.

Inventory - Tasmanian Souvenirs
One Wonder Woman Tiara
One Felted Lolly Necklace
One Felted Tasmanian Devil
One Red Teapot, Second Hand
One Red Handbag, New (excellent size for carrying all and sundry AND knitting project)
Many Balls of Wool (not all recorded here)
One Globite Port - in memory of one's primary school days (excellent for transporting Tasmanian Souvenirs back to the mainland).

Stashing - a Genetic Memory

You know of course don't you that she who dies with the Biggest Stash WINS.

Ms Jacqui is pondering how a girl who doesn't sew (very much) can end up with A Stash. But hoorah! She gathers soft, sensuous, colourful, beautiful FABRIC because her genetic memory is working a treat!

We don't need to sew to be compelled to gather fabric. We don't need to sew to delight in the brush of its silk in our palms, the glow of its hue against our cheeks. We don't need to sew to luxuriate in its ironing, its folding up in perfect symmetry, its careful placing in that special spot - the Fabric Cupboard. We stand back drinking in The Stash for one last moment before closing the door, our own private treasure held safe for next time.

Some Stashes, my own for instance, are kept for this purpose only. To bring out, luxuriate in, and put away again.

Oooo. I feel a Fabric Fold coming on.

Mad Mad Mad Women

WHAT on earth!!!

The cult of the Tea Cosy is spreading like .... I was going to say "like wildfire" but that would seem inappropriate this week. Spreading like locusts? Spreading like butter?

Australian hearts are swelling with generousity right now, taking care of friends in need. It hardly seems right to be talking about raising money for breast cancer.

So I won't.

Instead I'll talk about tea cosies, which I never tire of, and lead you over to the Crazy Cozies Competitionrun by the Exeter branch of the CWA - Mad Mad Mad Women, led by the unstoppable Kaye Healey.

The Country Womens Association has a long tradition of working to make a better life for women and children, especially those living in regional Australia.

Enter the Crazy Cozies competition and HAVE A GOOD TIME. You'll hardly notice that you are also DOING A GOOD THING.

When is a Wild Tea Cosy NOT a Wild Tea Cosy

Well never really.
Introducing Carmen Miranda by Miff and Turkish Delight by Luvvie, each design tweeked to become their own.

Miff Miff Miff. Look what you did! You did Carmen proud. She looks about to spring off the stage in a glorious can can.

You'll find Miff over at Ravelry. Just look for "Miff". It's simple. But of course you will have to be a Raveler.

Luvvie Luvvie Luvvie. Look what YOU did! A tea cosy to Delight any Turk! He looks about to spring off the stage in a whirling dervish.

If you are a fan of exquisitely expressed occasional diary entries then you need to peek at Luvvie's Musings

Thank you my little tea cosy elves. I love you dearly.

No They Are Not Mine

But I wish there were. Denise has a husband who has a very clever aunt.

Rona E. Warner is a fibre artist and these are her little gems and she has kindly given permission to reproduce the photos here.

I have to admit to feeling a little pang of jealousy when I see others' fabulous designs.

Gawn! One can't help but compare to one's own. Thankfully it quickly gives way to something like - delight, and admiration - eminently more pleasing (and lasting) feelings.

Thank you Rona.

I wonder what my Wes would think if he met the twin felines on our kitchen bench.

Home from Tasmania

For a nano second I imagined moving to Penguin, Tasmania, opening a wool shop with views of Bass Strait and living happily ever after. But then I came home and remembered I already live happily ever after on the Sunshine Coast with a fine job and glorious views of the Pacific Ocean.

Toe dipping in the Southern Ocean at sunset.

Eating and drinking and sharing woolly gifts with a newly met half brother and his lovely wife. What a surprising man you are sir. What a perfect treat our stay.

Learning about pecking order. When the expensive professional camera wasn't snapping photos it was swinging at this magnificent Right Royal Rooster in a vain attempt to protect the large two legged animal from attack.