Knitting in the Round on TWO Circular Needles

My tea cosies require knitting in the round AND knitting back and forth.

Forget DPNs forever. This is the ONLY way to knit tea cosies - with TWO circular needles. I know. I know. WTC says DPNs. But I learnt something new since then. Something grand.

Always knit the left stitches with the left circular needles and always knit the right stitches with the right circular needles.

It is only the yarn that goes ROUND and ROUND.

And then BACK and FORTH for the sides.

When changing needles, make the first stitch and then pull the yarn firmly downwards to tighten the join between the two needles.

This simple action will eliminate ridges at the needle change over point.

There are two very good reasons for trying out this method. There are only two joins instead of four as with double pointed needles, and the join is seamless, without the laddered stocking ridge that occurs at the point of needle change as with double pointed needles.

There are some really great instructions HERE

I use this method on everything knit in the round, sweaters, socks and the inimitable tea cosy.

NOTE: The photo is a base which turns back on itself to give extra warmth and structure as in the pattern for Rosie Posy and Carmen Miranda and Sandwich Anyone.


nerida said…
that is just amazing - textile engineering!
Greta Huseboe said…
I live in Norway, and when I knit traditional norwegian sweathers, I use a shorter circular needle for the arms. Then you will only need one needle, you don't have problems with gaps between the needles, and it is much easier to knit.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hi Greta
I envy you that skill. The traditional Norwegian sweaters I have seen are exquisite and must require such dedicated attention to detail.

I agree that one circular needle would do in most cases. With the tea cosy though, two circular needles make it much easier to knit in the round, then leave half the stitches behind while knitting up one side.

Or perhaps I just get a little addicted to a new idea, then off I wander again.

Thanks for dropping by. Lovely to hear from you.
mem said…
Hmmm - I'm going to have to try that.
Hamlet & Co said…
Knitting instructions just make me tired. I plan to wait for a personal tutorial from the Queen at the next knitting soiree.
Miff said…
Ooh yes, lets get rid of DPNs - this way is much more fun (and easy). Good tip!
Anonymous said…
How do you leave the gap for the handle and spout while knitting in this way?

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