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51 Today Too

Spot the knitted flower in there...
Only once did one NOT announce one's impending birthday.

One was 37. One didn't tell anyone. One will never be doing THAT again.

There is only one thing to do on one's birthday and that is SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!

For who doesn't mind a little attention. Not one.

Thank you. Thank you. For all your lovely lovely attention.

One wants to do it all again today.

51 Today

51 Today! 51 Today!

I'm more than one.

I'm more than two.

I'm MUCH more than three.

51 Today!

Those hands are only 49. It's not that my 51 year old hands are any more unsightly, It's just that a cake photo was needed.

I know. I know. It'll slide off the plate like that but I have to do The Big Drive today for 'real' work, ('real' work being work that is not designing tea cosies work) and I don't have time for mucking about with recalcitrant photos.

Hi ho hi ho.....

Shhh! Don't tell Murdoch

....but one was unable to contain oneself. One just had to knit sock... as a reward... because one has been so good, designing thousands of tea cosies.

Yes yes! That's what it is like.

It is like getting to 8 months in a pregnancy with only raspberry leaf tea to drink and deciding bugger it, it is time for a stout.

The baby is big and grown and almost ready to pop out.

A bloody great big glass of stout will be good for it.

Almost time for a book to have a life of it's own.

Ah! But is one advocating more sock knitting or more drinking?

If you are watching Master Murdoch: It was only for a night. These socks have been on the needles for months. They just needed finishing off. Truly Rooly.

Break a Leg

It is a funny old thing - blogging. Non bloggers seem to think that I blog in a vacuum and they question its purpose.

For me, most days start with the ‘blog read’. OTHER people's blogs. There is a teaming humanity, chattering away out there in blogland, finding their voices in sketching, sculpture, pottery, photography, writing, music, patch work, and even knitting.

I love peeking into others lives and I love that there are some that peek into my (knitterly) life.

This week an email came from Maree who lives in the central tablelands of New South Wales.

She bought a book, broke a leg and started knitting.

Tea cosies! Lots and lots of tea cosies.

Then she sent me these photos, the result of her 3 months recuperation!

How GRAND is that!

It is simple really.
There is no vacuum.
Just people.
Talking to each other.

Brown Wool and Jewels

In an effort to show knitted things (not tea cosies) one has had to root around in one's cupboards and drawers and large carved Chinese camphor wood boxes left to one by one's mother.

One found these! Just in the nick of time as one is off to a VERY cold place in about three weeks.

It is the same brown wool, brought home from Coffs Harbour in the shape of a fleece.

One washed, carded, spun and knitted it into one's own matching scarf and beanie.

One feels very satisfied with oneself for this amazing feat of perseverance.

(The Bloke fancies himself as a photographer and made one tilt one's head and look to the left. One just wishes he would learn photoshop and rub out the winkles. Yep. W-I-N-K-L-E-S. Not wrinkles! Somehow they're more likable spelled that way. )

One also feels very satisfied with oneself for choosing this beautiful piece from Secret Santa at last year's Orphan's Christmas.

It has waited a long time for a posting but here you are


The Bag Lady did it.

This little beauty turns heads everywhere she goes.

I only bring her out in winter.

And winters are filled with "I love your bag. Did you make it?"

I did spin the brown and orange wool an age ago. The pink is a loopy fancy yarn. But my friend Sue designed, knitted and felted the bag. Most of her friends carry something similar but different.

We don't call her The Bag Lady for nothing.

I love my bag too.

Thank you Sue.

P.S. The brown is the colour of the sheep.

Mittagong Mittagong Mittagong

July July July
Monday 13th - Friday 17th

Sturt Sturt Sturt
Contemporary Australian Craft Centre

A Wild Knitting Workshop avec moi!

After Nundle, I'm up for anything.

Tell me what can be more fun than sharing knitty things with knitty people.

Go on. Tell me.

Ooo. Rubbing hands together in anticipation.

Loani uses the iconic tea cosy to demonstrate the wild and sculptural possibilities of knitting. You will make at least two tea cosies learning the art of shaping and textural moulding. You will also use the gentle arts of sewing (not too much) and felting (as an accompaniment) to make your own Wild Tea Cosy designs. The focus of the class will be on learning knitting tricks and techniques and on thinking outside the square.

Where is Mittagong? It is in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, South of Sydney. Very cold in July I understand. Perfect knitting weather.

A Very Big Adventure - Retrospection

Besides dying with the biggest stash, I intend to die without regret. It's a plan. I reckon Justine might have the same plan.

Only about a month ago, perhaps two, she left her very important job in publishing and opened up her heart's desire - a little shop selling all the things she loves. Old things and handmade things and even old handmade things.

Very good cheer to you Justine.

And the very best of Big Adventures.

It is a beautiful shop.

498a Miller St

Ph: (02) 8065 4639

What is it about curiosity?

Aw Wessy! You're so handsome.

This is my much talked about 1950's drinks trolley.

Sits beside my very comfortable lounge chair.

Having to show you furniture BECAUSE I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW YOU MY TEA COSIES!!!

The 15 new tea cosies that are dancing around my house bursting with 'look at me'.

Dream dream dream. Knit knit knit. Write write write. 24 days to deadline.

Kerrie's Fabulous Cosies

Kerrie! Here you are proudly showing off your cosy made in our company at the Nundle workshop.

Very pretty. Oh yeah, the cosy too.

(The cardigan and matching tank top Kerrie is wearing is made with her own clever hands too.)

And here is your Licorice Allsorts, beautifully executed, begun on the last day of the workshop, finished at home, photographed and sent to me by email.

It just doesn't diminish, the feeling I get when knitters share their renditions of Wild Tea Cosies with me.

I think it's time to stop saying "It's just a little tea cosy." To make a heart smile (like mine is smiling) is a big thing.

Thanks Kerrie


Avid Reader has been shortlisted in the Australian Booksellers Industry Awards in the following category - twice.

Bookseller Marketing Campaign of the Year 2009

Avid Reader, for Growing Up Asian in Australia, edited by Alice Pung
Avid Reader, for Wild Tea Cosies, written by Loani Prior
Pages & Pages Booksellers Mosman, for The Given Day, written by Dennis Lehane
Readings Books Music Film Carlton, for The Boat, written by Nam Le
Robinson’s Bookshop, for Brisingr, written by Christopher Paolini

And yes! There is Wild Tea Cosies!

We are hoping that the tea cosy exhibition in the window, the knitted graffiti in the street, the launch crush, the tea cosy fashion parade and all the other nonsense that went on will warrant a WIN!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 23 June.

Good luck Avid.

There isn't anyone I should be sending a tea cosy to is there?