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Hmmmm. Well there were a couple of false starts but once we relaxed and got into the rhythm we were just fine.

I think I'll be going back for more.


Very noice.

This Week...

Image was in Sydney being led astray by this Mad Woman for a perfectly memorable afternoon...

...with an unusually energetic hike all the way across the city from Oxford Street to York Street.

It's a long way and me thinks The Mad Woman's Lovely Legs were testing me own Long Legs in a sort of Leggy Duel.
Now Long doesn't necessarily mean Lithe, and Old Long Legs here is suffering a serious case of Shin Shock.

But all for a good cause.

Norro Sock wool and Morris Empire 2 ply.

(See arty farty photo.)

One is a virgin 2 plier. But tonight's the night. One is excited and a little nervous too. Wish one luck. The lace pattern scarf and 5mm Knit Picks await.

Hmmm. One is wondering if this is the reason the fronts of one's lower legs are really hurting - still)

Now THAT's Cute!

Yesterday - without the flowers.

Oh Amelia.
You look GORGEOUS.
Hat or no.

Happy and safe journey back to the other side of the world with your nutty mother and father.

And today - WITH the flowers.

Amelia's nutty mother and father, living some sort of Patons pattern book fantasy.

click on photo to embiggen

So tell me....

What is the number, the line past which, the moment when wearing a knitted hat with knitted flowers is no longer cute, but just plain eccentric?

I fear I might be already getting myself ready for a mad old age.

Perhaps there is such a thing as cute eccentricity?

The red nose is the reason for not being with these fabulous women today. Boo hoo! GO AWAY cold! GO AWAY!

Made with two threads of Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran Tweed and 6mm needles and a rose and a leaf

Bag Lady

I was gunna show yous a photo of me pantry 'cos I done cleaned it out a real treat but yous are lucky 'cos I changed me moind and decided to show you this instead.

Noice huh!

I figured it out all by meself.
A sinch.
Just round and round.

Crocheted with cooking string.
Took 3 balls.
Found in the pantry.

Socks Socks Socks Sock

Socks, Socks, Socks, Socks
Socks, Socks, Socks, Socks
(Sung to Micky Mouse Club song)

One is extremely pleased with oneself.

One attempted red lace socks once before.

There were no photographs of the back and sides on THAT occasion.

There is still of course the little matter of a hole at the point where the heel meets the gusset.

Any tips anyone?

Note to Margaret: If you are watching - the pattern is from Vogue Knitting's The Ultimate Sock Book - an all time favourite of mine.

The Same But Different Noro Stripe Fest Socks

And then there are these.

Rainbow Wools.

Deliciously irresistible from the lunchtime sales in the dining hall at Sturt Winter School, Mittagong. What will I make what will I make what will I make. Perhaps I'll just keep balling them and hanking them, balling them and hanking them for a while.

So anyway where were we...

...oh yeah.

Time to revisit the old cure for the Single Sock Syndrome me thinks.

One is just so excited about not knitting tea cosies that one has begun knitting this, and got oneself all the way to the toe, before remembering socks aren't socks until there are TWO.

Hmmm. Spanish Katia Caricia pure merino red lace socks (said with left palm facing toward the sky)


Japanese Noro Kureyon Sock wool stripe fest (said with right palm facing towards the sky)?

click on to embiggen. Go on. Go on.