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Berry Happy Inn - Revising Plans

I have imagined - since last driving through the NSW town of Berry two years ago - that when I grow old and after The Bloke pops off...

(that is assuming of course that I will grow old and that The Bloke will pop off before me)

...I would take a room in the Berry Happy Inn.

The Berry Happy Inn.

I would take a room and live out my days drinking tea and knitting cosies and be hailed as the Berry Mad Woman.

People would come from all over to point and stare and make up stories about lost fortunes and young fancy men.

Sadly I am forced to conjure up some other end of life fantasy - the Berry Happy Inn is no more - and I am bereft.

Berry sad, even.

Little Reveals

Here is a little tidbit, a taste, a tantalise, a tease - tea cosies tea cosies taking over the house - getting ready for 5 displays of 5 cosies each to appear in a bookstore window near you - soon - down under - and The Queen of England willing - in the UK too.

Knit Knit Knit

Cracked Up To Be

One knat on the plane one did.

One was so utterly engaged in knitting on the plane that one forgot to photograph the auspicious moment.

So one is offering this backyard knit photograph in its place.

Imagine an upholstered knee hugging seat where you see brown Bermigui grass.

It IS all its cracked up to be - knitting on the plane - one almost didn't want the flight to end.


But it did and one was forced to see the sights of Canberra where the knatty plane landed.

It is inconceivable that this is one's first visit to Parliament House 1 and Parliament House 2.

One might have visited there in the 1976 QYO II Tour but one is more likely to have been holding forth in a pub somewhere in that year.

If you remember holding one's hand through the halls of democracy in '76, keep it to yourself will you.  One prefers to think one is in charge of one's own memories

Wild Knitting Workshop/Retreat

Come to my town in August this year to do a 5 day

Wild Knitting Retreat in Noosa avec moi

Yeah!  Go on!  Come!

Come with your partner or friend or your whole family ...

Stay at this beautiful place
Eumarella Shores Noosa Lake Retreat


knit knit knit from 9am - 3.30pm then go fishing, kayaking, walking, swimming and eating out in Paradise.

Or come on your own.  There'll be lots of other knitting nuts...errr... like minded people.

Quick - email me here at

loani at austarnet dot com dot au

and I will send you back two information pages about the retreat.

Ask me what the difference between a Retreat and a Workshops is.  Go on.  Ask me.

Well the
Wild Knitting Workshop in Mittagong avec moi  happens

in July at the Sturt Winter School

The knitting fun we'll have together is much the same in both places.

The difference is the environment and the weather and the kind of experience you are seeking.

The Sturt Winter School brings over 100 people together for a week to learn all sorts of a…

Well the New Camera Works

Stay with me......

Betty the Burlesque Dancer

Now we all know that burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. (thank you Wikipedia)

Ah! But is Betty a parody of a parody?

There is no doubting her grotesque exaggeration.

What magnificent bazookas!

The Prince and the Cat

I consider myself to be an eminently pragmatic woman and when faced with a choice a few eight years ago - Prince (said with left palm raised towards the sky) or Cat (said with right palm raised towards the sky),




I chose Prince.

It was a surprisingly easy choice.  I could easily get another cat but a Prince only comes along once in a life time.  And I was getting on a bit.

click on to embiggen

Anyway.  It all made perfect sense.  I was moving to the garden of Eden where wild life abounds.

And cats kill.

So I took my cat Possum back to the RSPCA from whence she came.

There was nought to worry about.  She took less than 48 hours to woo another human and lives there still happily ever after.


.... living without a pet in the house proved too much of an oddity after all and the gentle persuasions began.

It did take some persuasion, The Prince The Bloke being a self professed cat hater!

And then one day...
"If we get a cat it has to be a Burmese".

Well (said…