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Eeeeek! ERRATA!


Yes.  Horror of horrors.  There are Errata in Really Wild Tea Cosies!  Mistakes.  Bugger ups!

Well there is ONE mistake - with the crocheted rose on Page 123. Does that make it ERRATUM - until of course you find more (that is not an invitation or a challenge mind).

I am on bended knee, bowing to the floor, prostrating myself in your presence.

Begging your forgiveness.

What IS it about crocheted roses!?

If you think you have found anything amiss - do not hesitate to email me.
But please - sleep on it first.  I find that always helps in trying to figure out a knitting pattern.

Of course if you simply want help with something....

Sleeveless in Seattle.  RWTC. 
I know I know.  There are other cosies with the same name.

Twin Tea Cosies showing off at the Powerhouse Museum for instance.

Well I know about 6 Julies and 3 Ellens and 4 Annes and I even know another Loani.

The point being that many cosies can have the same name.  It fits the criteria.  It is made from a sleeve - &…

Today's Treats

Last week- Brisbane Independent Bookstores - Number 9.
This week - NATIONAL Independent Bookstores - Number 7. with a picture! Tea hea hea.
Sydney Morning Herald - Saturday 24 April

Perhaps if I killed off Stieg Larsson we could be Number 1.
Oh that's right!  He's dead already!

Being Roger
Top Left:  Starring Roger Rampant (spoken with a French Accent) Top Right:  This Queen of the Chooks gave him his name Bottom Left:  This wonderful woman drew his portrait Bottom Right: Roger The Drawing takes up residence with moi.
Liz bought Loani's book Loani bought Liz's original drawing... which came in the post this week with a most magnificent card and even a most magnificent invoice...
all of which will be kept for provenance. thank you Liz I had hoped that my cosies would be knitted Not in a million years would I have imagined they'd be drawn

9 down 10 to go

9 down.

10 to go.

Some changed. Some added.

Tonight - 6.00 pm
Mary Ryans Bookshop
Park Road
Milton, Brisbane

Tomorrow - 9.30 am
Mary Ryans Bookshop
Hastings Street
Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Am I still having fun?

You betcha.

Hi ho hi ho its' off to work I go.
Didee dum di dum didee dum di dum.

May Workshops x TWO

Little Miss Cupcake (RWTC)

21-23 May (2 and 1/2 days)
Wild Knitting
Nundle Woolen Mill

only 3 places left $180

We will use the iconic tea cosy and the yummy Nundle wool to learn knitting techniques to stand you in good stead for any knitting project.

27-28 May (2 days)
Wild Knitting - Noosa RETREAT Sunshine Coast - Eumarella Shores, Lake Weyba 10 places only $480 includes tuition
The WHOLE package - 2 nights in beautiful holiday accommodation
Lunch and morning and afternoon teas
After knitting each day?
Lake Weyba
Noosa National Park
Noosa River
Hastings Street shopping
Noosa Beach
Extend your stay into the weekend.

Email Me for course outline and booking information.

Errrr.   Is this what you callFrench KnittingGawn.  Have a look!

Look What YOU Did

This afternoon one visited Threads and More

One's excitement got the better of one which caused one's loss of memory.

One forgot to take photos until everyone left.

So here is one - with one's friend of 28 years - Olix. Errr. Not her real name.

Gels at heart.  Just gels.  (that's a hard 'g' said in posh English accent)

And then there is the fabulous Anisse who works and knits at Threads and More.  What a cheerful gel you are.

And LOOK at your fab tea cosies.

And the very lovely Anne wot made these two cosies so beautifully from RWTC and will give the knitting workshop as part of the Gympie Craft Show in June.

Thank you Lynda and Alix at Threads and More for taking such good care of me today and playing tea cosy so nicely with me.

And LOOK what YOU did.

You put Really Wild Tea Cosies on a bestseller list.

Yes you did.  No. 9 in the Independent Booksellers list.
Brisbane Better Bookstores.  Hey that is still a ...

Woo hoo!





Click on…

Yay! My domain name is BACK!! Woo Hoo!!!

And to celebrate here is Roger Rampart (spoken with a french accent)

And if you have been wondering what happened to


Stick to knitting Loani.  Stick to knitting and crocheting and tea cosies and staying calm and happy and ....

knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit kni tkni tkni tkni tkn itkn itkn itkn itkn itkn itkn itkn

Post Script I just realised all your lovely comments have been lost to the ether.  What a shame.  Come back.  Talk to me.

Ambassadors of the Knitted Collar

It was a small but extremely warm crowd at the Black Cat Books and Cafe last night in Paddington, Brisbane.  Thank you all for coming.  You shared some beautiful tea cosy stories with me and you made me laugh too.

Top left: Nanna Delux.  RWTC.

Top right: A cosy joke (you had to be there)

Bottom Right: Black Cat window display

Bottom Left: It's official.
We have groupies!

Julie and Ingrid were at Avid Reader.
And they were at Black Cat last night.

AND they knitted up their collars especially for the occasion!

Click on to embiggen. A reminder: Zees eez 'ow eet eez done.

With needle and thread stitch around the T shirt collar with a blanket stitch.

Then pick up one knit stitch through each blanket stitch.

With the right side facing, continue in the round in stocking stitch (knit only).

Me thinks you might have started something ...

Julie and Ingrid - ambassadors of the knitted collar.Go on.  Show uz yours. 
O.K.  so here is a big picture of a tea cosy - Nana Delux - pattern in Really Wild T…

Playing Tea Cosy

Here you are playing tea cosy so nicely together.

Thank you thank you thank you for coming to say hello and listen to me rabbit on for a bit and bring your show and tell and drink and be merry.

All in together at..

Shearers, Leichhardt, Sydney
Ariel, Paddington, Sydney
Hornsby Library, Hornsby, Sydney
Paperchain, Manuka, Canberra

Gees you made me laugh!
I had a bloody good toim.

You lovely lovely women.
And some lovely men too.
And the odd lovely child.
And now for this week in Brisbane.

Wednesday 14 April 6.00 pm Black Cat Books Latrobe Tce Paddington

Saturday 17 April 1.00 pm Threads and More  Yarn store Sherwood Road Sherwood.

click on photos to embiggen.

Warm Welcoming Wild  Wonderful
That's what you are you tea cosy fetishists you.

The Queen on Tour in Sydney and Canberra

Still Life and Butch The Butcher Bird

ABC Radio Townsville.

Depart Sunshine Coast for Sydney

Inner West Courier photo shoot.  Present best side.

Shearers Bookstore.  Leichhardt.

ABC Radio Mid North Coast
Talk tea cosy.
Morris and Sons
Buy wool.

Ariel Books. Paddington

Hornsby Library.  Hornsby :-)

Depart for Canberra.
Winter Coat?

Paperchain Books.  Manuka
Lucky last.  This leg.

Arrive Brisbane.
Dinner with The Bloke. (at a posh restaurant please luvva)

Braaak!  Braaak!
One has been running about the ether like a chook without it's head.

The website has died.
The domain name is lost.
The Tea Cosy Nuts are scattered.
The Grand Purl Baa is bereft.

Technology is a wonderful thing...

... when it WORKS!

Or more correctly, when one UNDERSTANDS it.  

One is resting from it until after Easter when one will admit defeat and use a skilled professional to fix one's web mess.

In the meantime there is the blog for those of you who have persisted and found me here at

So - something pretty - Garden Party - featured on the back of RWTC.

Yes!  There is PRETTY in the book too.

So anyway.....

So anyway.....

One IS influenced by one's adventures.

Modern Primitive (featured on the back cover of RWTC) flew into one's head all the way from childish memories of growing up in Papua New Guinea - a lerrrng time ago.

This woolly thing is an interpretation of this.....

photo Courtesy of... taken at the Rabaul Mask Festival in 2004

For those who haven't already heard the age old story....

.... one's name, Loani, spoken Lo-ar-ny,
is a Papuan name and means - wait for it - beautiful flower.

Or 'fertile valley' depending on how many drinks one has had.

(Now be polite)

Noosa tea cosy fetishists came out in droves on Tuesday for high tea at the Blue Angel Restaurant.

I am still trying to fathom the call of the tea cosy.

If more than three people turn up to any gig at all - I am surprised.

click on to embiggen all those smiles

Thank you Dan and Angela for the most delicately delicious fare.

And thank you Annie for taking such good care of me and my books and the wh…