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I think I can I think I can I know I can I

Knitting is a funny old thing, don't you think.

One knits away happily thinking one is pretty damn good at it and can do anything and everything that requires clicking two needles together....

...until of course one tries to do something new.

Like Fair Isle.

The Queen of the Tea Cosies found her royal interest piqued in the art of Fair Isle quite some time hence.

Those first attempts at weaving (or stranding) colour evoked the most unqueenly behaviour.
However, one is presently feeling extremely pleased with oneself.

So pleased as to show off this Bella Princepessa (or hippy hat) and to strut about the palace full of pride.

It only took a year to master this new technique.

So those of you who think you should be able to do everything first time, perhaps those of you who might have struggled with the "Knitting in the Round on Two Circular Needles"  thingy - you are not alone - even Queens are tested in knitting the new.

Kristin Nicholas' book Color by Kristin wrapped i…

Ahem... WOZZA!!!

Just the other day one was skiting about how one had been able to train one's cat to STAY AWAY FROM ONE'S WOOL!

One recalls saying something about the cat coming within an inch of his life if he dared. 

Was that a disbelieving look one noticed?

Welllll (said in long low growly voice) after the camera was found and The Bloke was called to get a ganzy, and one agreed on how worth his kitty litter in entertainment the cat is; one started Wozza's retraining.

There is obviously just not enough pink in the pink bin.

Child at Heart

Grown women book long in advance, pay well earned money, organise care of loved ones and pets and drive hundreds of kilometers to knit together.

Yes they do.

And when they arrive, find a seat near a friendly face and pull out their wool and needles, who should appear but their ....


And what great comfort and innocent joy is taken in your company.

Thank you Zeta and Anne and Pam and Pamela and Catherine and Janet and Dawn and Kerrie and Shirley.

What beaut kids you are.

click on photos to embiggen

And thank you Nick of Nundle for taking such good care of us all.  You are solid gold.

Your family is pretty noice too.

And your wool is FAB.

The Young and Nundle

It is 10.24 and one has been home long enough to eat Pho Bo - a delectable Vietnamese soup - in fact to die for Vietnamese soup made over two days by The Bloke; a little cat play; a little man play and the last episode of Foyles War.

A perfect Sunday evening after arriving home from a weekend in Nundle.

But one is not going to talk about Nundle just yet.

One is doing a show and tell about Melbourne and Sun Books and Aishlyn (7 years old - knitting since she was 6) who drew these 3 beautiful and clever and creative teapots - spesh pour moi

One is pretty damn chuffed with this gift.

Thank you Aishlyn.

Thank you very much.  It was a real treat to meet you.  Thank you for coming to Suns Books in Yarraville in Melbourne, and for playing tea cosy so nicely with me and for giving me your fabulous drawings.

Cats Cosies and Colour

It's been a while since we had a Wes photo.

Wes The Cat, otherwise known as Wozza The King of Cats or Storm Kitty, a term of (false) endearment given by this mad chook, but we will forgive her for she knows not what Wild Wesley was pontificating when he lept great leaps and bounds in a magnificent Ankle Attack on her own thorough bred legs.

And still she loved him.

One felt an unaccountable urge to show Grecian Lovely again in this extremely arty farty foto.

The way the morning light peeps through the wooden blind onto the wool and wood and feathery flounce has me swooning.

Why didn't one show this photo phirst?!
Feast your eyes on the glorious and joyous colours ripe for tea cosy making.

Nundle wool.
Nundle wool.
Nundle wool.

Hi ho hi ho it's off to Nundle I go.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  (sung to the tune of 'Tomorrow')

Wash Day

Wash day
Email day
Organise day
Put the 'big rubbish on the footpath to be carted away' day.

Ah so many ways to fill up the time between coming home and going away.

Thursday one flies to Sydney to stay at one's favourite Artarmon B&B (one's sister in law's).

Friday one flies to Nundle to play tea cosy with 12 wonderful women. (You are wonderful aren't you?!)

Nundle, a town about a 40 minute drive south of the famous country music town of Tamworth where the Woollen Mill grows.

Sunday one flies home to The Bloke and chilli pork chops on a bed of pasta and wilted rocket.   (Got that Jules?)

Monday one drives to Brisbane for the Saviours of the Lost Arts Craft Workshops where one will pontificate on, along with others, the possibilities of...

Making It Big: Turning a Passion for Craft into a Viable Business!

Now there's a biggy.

And here you are, some of you, on the Sunshine Coast and in Hobart, showing and telling, and playing tea cosy so very nicely …

The Book Tour Ends

The 19 stop book tour has ended.  What a treat this knitted life is.

Now to workshops starting with Nundle next week.  A full house I understand.  Thanks Nick.

Introducing Grecian Lovely

She is winging her way to the new Knit Jo Sharp shop in Perth, Western Australia to show how fab the REALLY Wild Tea Cosies look dressed in Jo Sharp wool as well as Nundle wool.

Nundle wool will come to you fast and easy by ordering from the Mill by the way.

This Grecian Lovely is made up in Jo Sharp Classic DK.

One has been buying books again.  Cooking and Knitting.

It was this on the back of Gran's kitchen that sealed the deal for me.

"The Importance of Jam and cream in bonding a community should not be underestimated."

And neither should knitting.

Knitted toys?  One does not need a reason to buy a book does one?

Prepared Earlier

Now as I am in Melbourne - must find a wool shop must find a wool shop must find a wool shop - I prepared this post earlier.

Clever People
As if you need help wandering off all over the place but here it is anyway.

One fabulous new blog usually leads to an EXPONENTIAL number of fabulous new blogs. And here are just three to help you wile away the hours.

Takashi Iwasaki

Me and The Bloke are pontificating on a New York holiday later in the year.

I need to go if for no other reason than to visit this magnificent place.

The Purl Bee

On Saturday I sat outside a local bookstore, Berkelouws Eumundi to sign books for Mother's Day.

I met all kinds of lovely clever people.
Great to meet you Lynette and your mum too.

Lynette Anderson

Time for SOCKS

Hey!  (yelled across the room to The Bloke)  So what's the weather today in Melbourne?  (He loves looking up the weather.)

Eight to fifteen (Centigrade).  Showers.  Windy.

Definitely time for hand knitted woolen socks.

These - a long time in the making between tea cosies.

And these.

Remember these?  Still virgin.  About to be deflowered in Melbourne and Hobart.

Coming Out

Tea Cosy Fetishists have been coming out!
All over Australia!

It's as if you just needed a little excuse... come out with your friends and show off your tea cosies.

You funny funny lot you.
Thank goodness for you.

This week ...

6.00 pm
Tuesday 11 May Sun Bookshop
Melbourne RSVP:  (03)  9689 0661
11.00 am
Wednesday 12 May Can Do Books
Melbourne RSVP:  (03)  9813 5222

6.30 pm
Wednesday 12 May Readings Books
Melbourne RSVP:  (03)  9819 1917
6.30 pm

Thursday 13 May Fullers Bookshop
Hobart RSVP:  (03)  6234 3800

Mad Funny Women

Suzie's tea cosies.
I LERVE how ideas twist and turn and mash and become something else entirely.

I LERVE how, given permission, a creative spark becomes a fire.

I LERVE how girls just wanna have fun.

Jenny's Knitted Collar

I LERVE how you say hello.

I LERVE how you show me your knitted stuff.

I LERVE how you are joiners.

Jenny has become an Ambassador of the Knitted Collar.  Eeeek!   Do I feel another blog coming on?

Original Ideas

Betty Burlesque Revealed herself from a vintage pattern.

Sleeveless in Seattle A response to a cardigan gone wrong.

Modern Primitive Memories of a childhood in Papua New Guinea.

Original but not original.
I am in love with the idea that there is no such thing as a new idea but only variations, extensions - more that can be said perhaps. 

I did not invent the knitted square.  I did not invent the square knitted on the diagonal but do you KNOW how many ways a knitted square can be used on a tea pot.

The old "what if" question works wonders on the creativity hormone.

The Ode to the Lime