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The Morning After

Progress Report

Either one is becoming less vain with age or one has already crossed the eccentric old lady line - not caring about being photographed before coiffing hair, painting out liver spots and enhancing eye lashes - a morning ritual usually undertaken before even venturing from the sleeping and ablutions end of the house for a first coffee.

But I digress.  This was not meant to be a progress report about the joys or otherwise of aging but rather....

... the benefits of six years of designing haute couture for the tea pot.
1.  Knitting things that one will wear requires DRESSMAKING skills as well as knitting skills.

2. Any knitter that ignores this fact will knit ill fitting and unwearable things til kingdom come - regardless of how fab the model in the photo looks - unless of course you are of model proportions yourself.

3.  Dressmaking skills can and have been learnt from spending six years designing tea cosies that do not ride up like a bad mini skirt or fall about like an o…

I can so knit JUMPERS

I am in LERVE.

I am in LERVE with this little old jumper here (you say sweater, I say jumper, let's call the whole thing off).

Comparing knitting and cleaning one last time - for even thinking 'knitting' and 'cleaning' in the same moment is an abomination, except of course when one is making an excellent point - the excellent point being that - one would NEVER scatter the dust from a dust pan just so that one could clean it up again better next time.

This little jumper made from delectable Jo Sharp Aran with a splash of Debbie Bliss orange is like sucking on Swiss chocolate, piece by sumptuous piece.
The wool has been on and off the needles, knitted and balled, knitted and balled many times.


1.  One is knitting from the top down rather from the bottom up as per the pattern.

2.  One is a hopeless counter, adder and multiplier even when one is not working back to front and upside down.

3.  One is not as practiced at judging one's own body size as one is …

Other than Tea Cosies

One was on the Radio on Monday.

One quite likes being on the radio.  Well why wouldn't one?  It is, after all, all about ONE. And a bit about tea cosies and knitting and knitting tea cosies and other people knitting tea cosies.

One didn't mention socks once.  Not on radio.

But one is mentioning them now because these exuberant Eki Riva baby alpaca lovelies have just come off the needles.  They are a pressie for bigger feet than those modeling here.

Zees eez zee first of a pair of socks made from the left over Eki Riva and a ball of retro green Nundle 4 ply.

Eeet eez of course vital to mention Second Sock in the same breath as First Sock - to give it life.

And in other news: The Knitted Collar is taking on a life all of its own.

This gorgeous collar is the creation of the lovely Julie who I met at Avid at the very first book event in March this year.

And there she was again last Saturday at the Great Avid Knit In with her good friend Ingrid enjoying the sun and a piece of cake.


Comparing Avid Knitting to not so Avid Cleaning

Avid (Reader) Knitting
Sometimes a hat should just belong to she who wears it best and as Jarah's nose does not only NOT look big in this beret, but pixie cute - the beret now belongs to her.

Jarrah learned to knit yesterday at the Great Avid Knit In, (West End, Brisbane).

One simply cast on, knit a row, then handed it over with minimal verbal instructions - and voila - a new knitter!

Ha!  Cute, clever and a knitter!  You'll go far Jarrah.

Donna, Jarrah, Rosie, whose mum taught her to knit yesterday, and Rosie's mum, Nina.  TWO new knitters in one day!  Woo hoo.

Donna had been waiting 16 years for the right moment to use that mass of woolly rope on her lap.  16 years!

You never know when that odd bit of yarn (err rope) in the stash will come in handy.

Thank you all for coming to Avid.  I had a really lovely time meeting you and knitting with you.  A very civilized way to spend Saturday arvo.

Put a smile on your face and a tea cosy on your table.  Come play tea cosy with me …

Gems of Sturt - Part TWO

Ms Jennifer of Sydney

Even more things I learned at Sturt Winter School.

There's a little devil in every angel.
Ms Daphne of Brisbane (a brand new Citizen of Australia)

You can take the English Rose out of the garden but you can't take the garden out of an English rose.

 Ms Julie of Argentina (hey Julie - WHERE are you from in Australia?)

What's tame for one is wild for another.
Ms Pam of Perth
If Ode Utzon had been a knitter, the Sydney Opera House might have been a tea cosy first.

5 days learning KNITTY things.
Knitting in the round on 2 circular needles.
Knitting in the round on 1 circular needle with the magic loop.
Fair Isle technique with 2 colours in the round.
Fair Isle technique with 2 colours in rows.
Picot edges.
Knitting shapes (sculptural knitting)
Making tidy edges.
Continental knitting.
Casting on with two threads.

Design!  YES !  Designing your own tea cosy.

All but one of these 9 cosies in "Gems of Sturt - Part 1 and 2" are the participants very own …

Gems of Sturt - Part ONE

Ms Laura of Sydney

Things I learned while teaching at Sturt Winter School ...

Funny, clever, wild women will travel across continents to play tea cosy with other funny, clever, wild women - at the drop of a workshop.  
(I know. I know. I've learned this before but I never quite believe it.)

Ms Elaine of Canberra

An 85 year old Child At Heart is every bit as naughty as a 35 year old Child At Heart.


Frightening things lurk in the minds of knitters.

(Yeah. Yeah.  I knew this already too but it is worth saying again.) 

Ms Colleen of Perth

Librarians KNIT in Libraries.

Mastering the continental knitting technique can elicit bursts of exuberant giggling.
Ms Jan of Moss Vale
Compliments come in strange packaging - like the compliment that one soul made by learning to knit a stitch, purl a stitch, cast on and cast off - just three weeks ago - so that she might join the Sturt Wild Knitting Workshop.

Teaching is as much about learning as it is about teaching.

Ms Deirdre of Canberra
Some …

Beanies Bathrooms and Bad Cats

Hey Jules, you don't think this makes me look too pale and wan do you?

One did not visit the Alice Springs Beanie Festival this year.

One has never visited the Alice Springs Beanie Festival, in all the years of hearing "Oh you MUST go to the Beanie Festival"

One doesn't intend to let it become a badge of honour, mind - like never having been to Bali.

One is simply stating it as fact.

However, one did have one's own private beanie festival last night in the bathroom.

"Wessy!  Wozza!  Down boy.  Its ME!  Your human!  Stop looking at me like that!  You're freak'n me out.  Good cat.  Here kitty kitty."


5 - 9 July (5 days) at the ... Sturt Winter School


2 - 3 August (2 days) at the ... Byron Bay Writers Festival

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More About Big Things and Little Things


Carmen Miranda Mini Me

Tea hea hea!

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19-21 August (3 days) 10 places only Has a NEW price of $385

WORKSHOP NEWS - Brisbane 10 - 11 September (2 days) Wild Knitting - Spring Special at Tangled Yarns

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