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I always say...

I always say, when watching sci fi movies...

"Jeez!  The art department must have had some fun hey!"

Yep.  I do.  I always say that.

(I say the "Hey" bit because I'm from Queensland)

And sometimes I even say...

"Jeez!  The art department must have been drinking some trippy coffee."

Gawd yes.  I sometimes say that too.

Maybe I say that because - well - I'm just so gobsmacked at what goes on in SOME BRAINS.

Gobsmacked and a bit jealous.

I think if I wasn't a Funny Knitter that I might be a Steam Punk Junk Artist.

Or a Neurosurgeon.

When I'm not saying very interesting things about sci fi movies...

I'm just feeling damn pleased with myself for being a Grown Up...

Why?  I hear you ask.

Because Grown Ups buy art - you know - from Artists.
Introducing ZedGenBaby
Created by...

The Fabulous
The Wonderful
The What on Earth is Going On In His Brain

Don Pezzano

28 degrees celcius 84 degrees fahrenheit

Ah - the burdens of a knitter's bloke. 

Poor fellow had to wake from his earlier-than-me-to-bed slumber to a bright litght and a ....

"Look Jules.  Look.  I've finished.  Do you like it?  Do you?  Aren't I clever?  Can we go to Hobart. Can we?  Can we?"

It is the 19th August and in the southern most part of subtropical Queensland, verging dangerously on the precipice of a very warm spring.

28 degrees celcius (84 degrees fahrenheit for those preferring not to divide everything by 10) is predicted today.

Or would that be - plunged directly into summer.   And on the very day I finished my jumper.  Grrrrr.
Errrr.  Looks like The Bloke's birthday socks might be a little late off the needles too. 

Oh well.  At least I can join the Top Down Sweater group on Ravelry now.

Fishing and Knitting - a Perfect Marriage

Me and The Bloke bofe got books.  Well yous already know that I know.

What you don't know is that The Bloke's book has been shortlisted for ...

... The Queensland Premiers Literary Award - Science Writing.

He is very excited.
I am very excited.

If he wins on the 31s August, he will get a noice sum of money.  (Albeit that all sums of money are noice.)

If he doesn't win, he will get a noice sticker to put on his book.

Go on.  A sticker is a better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  (Albeit that almost anything is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.)

And here we are together showing off our books because yesterday the local glossy Weekender came out to do a feature on the Published Knitter and the Published Fish Doctor and their home in the hinterland.  
I saw Ben the Photographer sit on the coffee table and point his camera in this direction.

And I saw Ben the Photographer stand here and point his camera in this direction.

There were many more "her…

Too Much Cake

So .... Bowral ... Wool Addiction.

It is starting to feel like home.

I LERVE going to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in the winter.  I get to pack all my knitted socks and scarves and next year a jumper with two whole sleeves.

I LERVE spending two whole days in rooms lined with wool and filled with happy knitting women.

I LERVE watching tea cosies grow in dexterous knitting hands and smiling hearts.

Last week I played tea cosy with...

Hilary. Dorothy. Sharon. and Jo.
Things I learned...

That a second day allows time for politeness to give way to a good old girl romp.

That girls just wanna have fun.

That too much cake really is too much cake.

That I am happy to take any and every opportunity to be reminded of all of these things.

Never again

One is never again wearing striped pants.

One had no idea it made one seem head and shoulders taller than everyone else.

And besides - one feels it might be inviting that old foe - eccentricity - matching trousers with tea cosies.

One might take style lessons from the most lovely Monica Trapaga (far left) of Play School fame, Jazz singing fame and now "She's Leaving Home" book fame...

and Joanna Savill, Foody Fairy Fabuloso (Director, Sydney Food Festival and Presenter, Food Lover's Guide to Australia)

We three did the Knit One, Bake One: Books that celebrate life - In Conversation at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival.  Thanks gals. Twas heaps fun.

One is prepared to do ANYTHING to spread the word about knitting in the round on two circular needles - even don purple Fair Isle while sporting black and silver stripes at Kniterary, errr Literary festivals.

Perhaps one is subconsciously getting ready to appear on zeez blog while visiting New York in October.

Enough abou…

Almost Ready

Today is travel day.

1 and 1/2 hour drive to Brisbane.
No knitting.
1 and 1/2 hour fly to Sydney.
Knitting. 2 and 1/4 train to Bowral
Do yuz think I can knit up a sleeve in that time?  Do yuz?  Do yuz?

Bowral is my last chance to wear this jumper this winter.  Not much occasion for double threaded (two stranded knitting all through the plain purple colour too) at the Sunshine Coast - even on rainy days - especially on rainy days - for on the Sunshine Coast the rain keeps the warm air down (or something)

See you in Sydney on Saturday.

Errr.  That twinge.  That isn't the Single Sleeve Syndrome I feel coming on is it?

Conversations at the Signing Tent - Byron Bay

So Steve, is there any raunchy wink wink say no more in your book?

Errrr.  It's a cricket book.

Oh so you are an entomologist?

No.  Cricket.  As in bat and ball.  Backyards? The Ashes?

Oh CRICKET!  CRICKET!  Hey Steve do you have a tea cosy?

I don't drink tea.

You don't drink tea?  (in loud sing song disbelief).  Steve.  Steve.

Anyway you don't need to drink tea to own a tea cosy!  Surely your mother didn't allow you to leave home without a tea cosy.  She isn't Greek is she?
Hey Jules - me and Steve are gunna write some books together...

Great Australian Cricketers and the  Tea Cosies that made them.
and then

Great Australian Tea Cosies and the Cricketers that love them too much.

Tea Cosies from Venus and Cricketers from Mars.
Tip from writers festival
Never miss a chance to network.

Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival


Next weekend is the Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival.

I shall be giving a Kniterary Breakfast on Friday morning 8.00 am at St Emos, Fletcher Street, Byron Bay.

And then In Conversation with Monica Trapaga, (Joanna Savill, chair) - Knit One, Bake One: Books that Celebrate Life.

And in another first - the Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival included a tea cosy workshop.

I am home briefly between workshop and guest performance knitting appearances.

Here are the inaugural Byron Bay Beauties - tea cosies knitted with a lot of laughs - in two short days.


Top left - Veronica

Top right - Jenny

Bottom left - Ming Xia

Bottom right - Audrey

Also introducing:

Top left - Susan

Top right - Pat

Bottom left - Jo

Bottom right - Ming

Thank you lovely ladies for two joyous days.