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Sentimental Clap Trap

Dearest Ali
Thank you for being the most lovely loyal and bestest friend in the whole world to my son.  We are the luckiest mother and son to have you in our lives.

Dearest Zauberball, Schoppel Wolle

Thank you for being so pretty and so silky soft as to want to knit you up for Ali, every stitch with the love of knitting something beautiful for someone beautiful.
Dearest Dawn. 

Thank you for your beautiful gift of this Royal Dalton coffee set, (that once belonged to your own mother, long gone to the great cafe in the sky) that has too long been hiding in boxes in your garage but now revealed to you through spring cleaning and packing up for the big move from across the road, down the road 10 kilometers, which made you think of me and made you wonder if I would like to own such a beautiful thing. 

Dearest Readers

Please forgive me.  All that pink and lace and pretty china has had a violent effect on me.  Sentimentality has won the day.

Yours sincerley
Normally Rough Around the Edge…

Returning Home

They are HOME.

One's babies are home.

They have been working sooo hard for 5 months, showing off in the windows of 70 bookstores in the far corners of Australia - as far north as Cairns, south to Hobart and as far west as Bussleton in Western Australia.

7 displays of 5 cosies each with beautiful big posters printed by the publisher, Murdoch Books.

They have done an EXCELLENT job.  Clever little cosies.

AND they have MORE work to do nearer Christmas.  Keep your eye out.

And YOU have done an excellent job. 

THANK YOU for playing tea cosy so nicely with me this year.

Really Wild Tea Cosies went to reprint in August just five months after first release!

It landed on the Top 10 National Bestsellers list, Independent Bookstores, two weeks in a row.

And the first book, Wild Tea Cosies, has also had a bit of a resurgence too with all the broo ha ha. 

Lovely Jubely.

You have made one very happy.  Very happy indeed.

I'm not saying anything.


Tea Cosy Princesses

Princess Rachel's Cosy - a work of art in progress.

Yesterday and the day before, six Princesses of the Tea Cosy gathered at Tangled Yarns in inner city Brisbane to play tea cosy with me.
And that is all that needs to be said about that....
.... for their wide smiles and their happy tea cosies say the rest!
Top Left:  Princess Robin
Top Right:  Princess Lesleigh

Bottom Left:  Princess Rachel
Bottom Right:  Princesses (and friends) Ros and Robin

click on photos to embiggen Top Right:  Princess Sam
Top Left:  Princess Sam's Tea Cosy

Bottom Left:  Princess Ros
Bottom Right:  Princess Jeannine 


The Bloke
Yep well Julian got shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award.  No big prize.  But a beautiful gold sticker to put on his books that announces...  "Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2010."

I told Anna (Anna Bligh dears, Anna Bligh - yes, a direct descendant of Captain William Bligh, Queensland's Premier, of the Queensland Premier's Literary Award fame)

...that she ought to consider the Queensland Premier's KNITERARY Awards for next year.

She is knitting up a cosy for my Portraits of a Tea Cosy project.  We are like THIS.. (said with fore finger and middle finger wrapped around each other in a big digit hug) and Anna... yes we are.

Well how could we not be?  She is a knitter.
We had intended to travel to New York for two weeks in October but ... tricked you.

We are going to London and then Ireland instead.

Does that mean I have to ungroup from the New York Subway Knitters on Ravelry?

The Knitting …