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Some days!

Some days It is the only thing to do. Found here

Mad as a Cut Snake!

A stranger rang me today.  A stranger from Darwin.  The Darwin stranger rang three other people on the trail of my phone number to tell me she thought I was as mad as a cut snake! and please don't stop making cosies and did I ever make cosies without holes for the spout and handle because they would make excellent beanies without holes and it was the best tea cosy book she had ever read and she agreed that tea cosies should be lined otherwise they were only half a tea cosy and she hoped that I took it as a compliment that 'mad as a cut snake' was a compliment and she had won the very first cosy competition at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival but that it wasn't nearly as good as mine and though she didn't use tea cosies there was no need in Darwin she really loved Modern Primitive and hurry up with book three and well that was all.

I LOVE presents.  Yes I do.  And today's phone call - well what a beautiful present.  Crazy but beautiful.  I'm not sure I resp…


This morning
Monday morning
The ritual in flight
Landed me


The Queen is gobsmacked.
Can Queens be gobsmacked?
Well I know QUEENS can be gobsmacked.
But Queens,
Can we be gobsmacked?

Be sure to read his 'Info'
and look at his Photos
especially his BABY photos.

I don't know!
I am feeling the LERVE today.
Feeling it strong.

And if you are on Facebook - you too can be Pedro's friend!

Te DA! Designing a Tam o' Shanter

One imagines it is one's IMPATIENCE that restrains one from even taking a glancing interest in written instruction.

Much faster to just push all the buttons in a random sequence on the new dishwasher until The Bloke takes charge and reads the manual.  Much faster.  And even worth him feeling momentarily superior while one takes instruction from him. 

And with the lack of someone to demonstrate, learning by DOING is the next best thing.  But there's the rub.  Learning by doing is not really learning by doing at all.  It is more learning by UNdoing and can take a very long time.

Like this Fair Isle Tam o' Shanter.  Undone over and over.  For hours and hours.  Days even.  Days and red wine nights.  Twenty five very bad drawings. Two hundred and five knitted prototypes.  But not a not a 'poo bum wee!' anywhere.  Nothing. 

One was like a pig in mud.  Yep a pig in mud.

OK.  So one DID open this book by Sheila McGregor: Traditional Fair Isle Knitting - but only to look…

All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas
Is my tea cos-y
My tea cos-y
See my tea cos-y

Gawn.  Whatcha gunna get someone who has everything this year?  And even if they have EVERYthing, they ain't gunna haveew anything LIKE the tea cosy YOU will make for them.

There is a November workshop avec moi, for those living in or near Brisbane.

The Threads and More workshop on the 12 and 13 November is already filled but you might like to book in the event of a cancellation.

And NO we will not make the cosy here in the photo but we will make something Spec-TAC-ular at the same time as learning heaps new shit about knitting.

Email me for workshop outlines and yarn store contact details or you can go direct to the store.

Flight of the Tea Cosy

Turn your SOUND up first.
A bit of nonsense. Video Cosies

Gone Argyle



Feeling Clever

One is not able to surgeon a brain. One is not able to engineer a bridge. One is not able to even understand the mysteries of electricity for Gawd's sake!
But one can knit diamond argyle fair isle.
And one is feeling EXTREMELY clever and pleased with oneself. Yes one is!


Cold hands Warm heart.
Warm feet Warm feet
Old Chinese Proverb