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Book THREE - Signed!!!!

Please please go to the NEXT POSTto be in the Kwistmas Pwessie Give Away.

And in other news.....
Woo Hoo!
Ye Ha!

The contract for book THREE - yes we are not quite done with tea cosies yet - has been signed, sealed and delivered accompanied by a very noice bottle of French champagne.

Thank you Ms Publisher Wunderbar, Murdoch.  Thank you very muchly.

Je suis tres 'appee.  Tres tres.

Et je suis tres obsessed avec fair isle.  Still.  Will have to put aside those frivolous socks and scarves now though and get down to some serious tea cosy designing.

It is a hard life.


Me and Nat, Nat and me have some Kwistmas gifts for TWO of you.
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And one more thing One was going to post THIS photo and say "'ave a dwink on me for Kwistmass"

But then One found THIS photo taken in 1989. Benjamin Bunny wiv 'is muvva. Oi loike it and as it is moi blog oi can post whatever oi want.

All comments about not having changed one bit welcome Though sadly it wont have any influence on the Pwessie outcome.


One receives photographs of your beautiful tea cosies often, about one a week.  One files them on One's computer and looks through them every now and then.  It makes One smile - wide happy smiles.

This tea cosy photo arrived by email from Kim (hello Kim) last week and is so joyous, so beautiful, so spirit lifting that One just had to show it off here.

Now the tea cosies you make and their portraits you send are all loved and appreciated the same.  Like children, there are no favourites.
They ALL make me proud.  They all make me smile.

It is just that this one is showing off that little bit extra, enough to warrant a special outing here.  She is exuberant.   Yep.  That is the word.  EXUBERANT.

This photo came from Anny (Hi Anny) the week before last.  The lolly pink tutu warrants this little bit of fluff's outing.  That and the addition of some of Anny's own creative knitting.

And these?  Well these are just so left field, so unexpected.  So nothing to do with knitting or One&…

Any Excuse for Presents

One does not respond to receiving gifts in the usually polite manner with a "Oh you shouldn't have really.  For me?"

No One does not.

One's response to receiving a present of any kind at any time for any reason is....

"Ooooo I LERVE getting presents.  Yes I do.  Thank you."

One is then inclined to hold it up to the light and shake it and say...

"Is it a diamond tiara?  A Mercedes Sports?" 

It is important to have signature responses.

Like One's friend who says completely po faced "Said the Fairy Queen" on burping or farting.

One is inclined to gather others' excellent ditties.  They are international in their richness.

Like One's Japanese sister-in-law's "Shit Wa".

Or One's Pommie friend's posh butter wouldn't melt in her mouth or even the odd plum or two "Oh Farrrk".  Long and full o.  Long and open mouthed ar.

One has some beauties of One's own of course.

"What a Palaver!" i…

Argyle Work

If One worked in the usual sense of the word - as in One was required to turn up at a place of employment 5 days a week, put One's head down and bum up for which One would then receive money....

Then One might legitimately be able to say...

"Work is the curse of the Knitting Classes."

But One has never before required legitimacy to say anything and just because these aren't One's OWN words, One is hardly going to start now.

A good line is a good line and ought to be shared.  Here it is again....

"Work is the curse of the Knitting Classes."

Yep.  It ought to be said over and over.

And for those of you who cannot get enough....


And a little fleur-de-lis.

So good for the sole soul.

"One's heart is soaring."
"One's feet are dancing."

One said that.  Well.... no doubt others have said it before One.  One can't be original ALL the time.
Te Da !

Once more for good measure.

Cats are Funny Too

Found this going on over at Mason Dixon this morning and well it ain't called  the world wide web for nothing so One is having a bit of here too.
It wouldn't be a proper knitting blog without the odd cat post, now would it?!