One receives photographs of your beautiful tea cosies often, about one a week.  One files them on One's computer and looks through them every now and then.  It makes One smile - wide happy smiles.

This tea cosy photo arrived by email from Kim (hello Kim) last week and is so joyous, so beautiful, so spirit lifting that One just had to show it off here.

Now the tea cosies you make and their portraits you send are all loved and appreciated the same.  Like children, there are no favourites.
They ALL make me proud.  They all make me smile.

It is just that this one is showing off that little bit extra, enough to warrant a special outing here.  She is exuberant.   Yep.  That is the word.  EXUBERANT.

This photo came from Anny (Hi Anny) the week before last.  The lolly pink tutu warrants this little bit of fluff's outing.  That and the addition of some of Anny's own creative knitting.

And these?  Well these are just so left field, so unexpected.  So nothing to do with knitting or One's own designs.

These tea cosies are made from New Zealand flax by a New Zealander basket weaver, Susan Barratt, in New Zealand.

One of the loveliest and most unexpected things about having a book is the people you meet.

The people who want to say hello and well done and then 'look what I do'.

Susan was on holiday at Peregian Beach (just down the road from me) about a month ago and Annie from one of my favourite local bookstores Annie's Books on Peregian, introduced us.  We chatted away for about half an hour in the store and then yesterday these photos came.

These flax cosies are about to go on exhibition in - where are they going on exhibition Susan?

All hail the tea cosy and the people who love them.  Bouquets to you all.


Notjustnat said…
Love the flax cosies. Talk soon - Hugs Nat
The Duck Herder said…
SUBLIME!!!!!!!! and I do not mean "less than a lime", I mean they are beautiful!
Goegeous! All of them! I love them all, and as a new zealander, I can state that this is the first ever time I have seen flax tea cozies!
little hat said…
Flax. who'd have thought it possible.
They're beautiful.

Happy Christmas Loani and Julian and Wes.

Hello Loani! (again!)
I would LOVE to be part of your wild tea cozy crew, the only thing is, do you need to have a google account to be part of it? i have one but have trouble using it and when I tried to join for the love of crochet along, it was needed so sad for me!
Would you please be able to e-mail me at what I need to be part of this awesome group? I've been checking it out since I started blogging but never had anything exciting enough in the tea cozy department to share!
Have a lovely christmas!
grrl + dog said…
the weaving is such a cool take -
it must be such a blast seeing others find their tea cosy wings.
Purl Buttons said…
OOOOHHHH! I was a basket-maker LOOONNNNNNNG before I was a knitter. I am so impressed with the number of artists that you know. SO VERY IMPRESSED.
Wow -- I don't think I've been so gobsmacked by a tea cosy, well, since I discovered L's very own wild ones...

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