Me and Nat, Nat and me
have some Kwistmas gifts for TWO of you.

Make a comment here at this post
Make a comment over at Nat's Place

And one more thing
One was going to post THIS photo and say
"'ave a dwink on me for Kwistmass"

But then One found THIS photo taken in 1989.
Benjamin Bunny wiv 'is muvva.
Oi loike it and as it is moi blog oi can post whatever oi want.

All comments about not having changed one bit welcome
Though sadly it wont have any influence on the Pwessie outcome.


retdairyqueen said…
Nat sent me over
Am about to have a look around your blog
Notjustnat said…
Wow wow, you look so cute in 1989, but more cute now though! Love to play giveaways with you and thanks so much for your generosity to share your beautiful books with our blogger fans. Happy Holidays - Hugs Nat
Kathie said…
oh I am going to enjoy reading your blog now too!
Nat sent me over! I love the mug rug and it would be wonderful to have to use for my coffee!!!!
thank you!
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
ps...great pictures :)
Daniëlle said…
Hope you will feel the same inside and that's what counts hihi!! Oh sorry, should have started this sentence with Your Highness hihi, you being the Tea Cosy Queen and all! Love the cosy and the mug both hihi!! Have a Merry Christmas with the ones you love! Hugs, Daniëlle
Janet said…
Nat is one of my favourite people, she sent me over to play. I have to say that you have changed, your hair is different both luvely photos. Merry merry Christmas.
Jacky said…
Love the 1989 photo of you and Benjamin Bunny...so beautiful, very special.

I have left my comment on Nat's blog...now on yours too...would love to win one of Nat's gift and your fantastic book!

Thanks so much for both being so generous.

Wishing you and your family a joyous and happy Christmas.

Jacky xox
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Wishing you and your family (and bloggy friends of course) the merriest of Christmases and the happiest and healthiest New Year....

I'm of to taste test the chocolate truffles...mmmm...which to try first!!!!!!!!!
Monika said…
If anything you are looking younger, and prettier every day! Happy Holidays! :o)
I've just been over to Nat's blog and want to wish you a very lovely holiday season.
Creative Design said…
I am a virgin to your blog and am having a great time! Would love to have a cuppa and a blether with you!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year,
Micki said…
Thanks for the chance to win and I wish you a Happy Christmas!
OOoo you both have some cool Kwistmas gifts for 2 of us...maybe I will be lucky and be one of them LOL!!! I would love to weceive from ONe, Wild Tea Cosies, the book...Will have a dwink for Kwistmass for you!!! Dzintra♥x
Diane H said…
No difference at all - how do you do it!!! Just over from Nat's. Thanks for the fun. Blessings to you and yours.
paulette said…
I think you look better now...you know the saying Better with age..that's you!! SO LUCKY!! The rest of us..not so pretty!
Aren't you two sweet..helping ol'Santa out this Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!
Bobbie Ashley said…
Ooh me, me, pick me! I love these wonderful handmade items. Thanks ever so much for the chance to win. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Vintage Sandy said…
Nat sent me over and so happy she did love your blog and very happy to enter your giveaway. Merry Christmas to you & yours!
Carolina said…
ooh, maybe a pwesent. I wuv your blog in any case.
katrien said…
Happy Christmas and wonderfull 2011
GerryART said…
I would weallly wove to win
RRRealy Wild Tea Cosies, the book
Love your Blog and Cosies.

Happy Holiday Hugs,
gill said…
Nat sent me!
You're right! - it's your blog so you can do what you want! and no you haven't changed a bit since 1989!
Happy Christmas!
Melinda said…
You look great now! Wonderful giveaway.
Willow said…
First time visting your blog and you have a nice one. I came over from Nats. Happy Holidays.

Dot said…
This post made me giggle! You are still gorgeous :) And count me in in your fabulous give away! You and Nat aere very generous.
Merry, Merry Chrietmas!
Dot xx
Aww so cute, my how they grow! Merry Christmas
Anne said…
Well, indeed, I see no change at all! Heading over to Nat next with high hopes of winning a book!
catss99 said…
Please enter me, cute pics;-)
Strickbombe said…
look at YOU! fraternizing with OTHER crafts. i hope your tea pots agreed to this.
Oh my goodness I would LOVE to win a copy of your book, in a sickening, I must win this competition kind of way!!!!!
Have a wonderful christmas, and the pic of you from a while ago is gorgeous!
lynne h said…
awww.... you're gorgeous now and then... i mean it.

Mel said…
Merry Christmas - nice blog!
Nanbon44 said…
I came from Nat's site, and I love the flapper look and the tea cosies are so cute...
knitabulous said…
Identical. But even better looking now.

(right. that should do it. I win?)

Love your collaboration, you are such generous spirit, and bon vivant!
librarylass said…
Happy Chrissy! Hope you, Nat and the wildlife have a good one!
Kim D. said…
Stopping by from Nat's blog, thanks to both of you for the chance to win. Love the photo's, very nice. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!
debbie jordan, elf4 said…
i have just recently found your blog and i luurve all your wonderful tea cosies - subsequently went browsing for your books, and put them on my santa wish list - unfortunately for me there wasnt one under the tree :( so if i dont win one, i will be out buying one very soon - i have a great collection of wacky teapots all waiting for their own 'unique' tea cosy! :)
Chartreuse said…
It would be just my luck to win another book I couldn't bear to part with - when I've just spent two weeks trying to discard some old tomes I no longer need or want, but only succeeded in clearing about 1% of my bookshelf space! Count me in anyway!
chaotick said…
I'm wild about your tea cosies - they give me grins on this snowy day!
lilly piri said…
Merry Christmas, Loani!
Becky said…
Merry Christmas! Lovely tea cozies! Thanks for playing along in this joint giveaway!
Heather J said…
Lovely giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Hi Loani, I'm a friend of Nats, I'll like to join in for the give away. Sorry I don't have my own blog anymore.

Anonymous said…
Nat sent me over, too!
Love your work!
Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!
Paula said…
Two beautiful photos. Indeed, you haven't changed a bit.

I won't be offended if you take me out of the running for a "pwesent". I live in the U.S. and postage might be a bit much. I do enjoy your blog; it's exciting to read a blog prepared so far from me.
Lis said…
Wow glad to meet you via Nat's giveaway and the bookj looks absolutely amazing. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and thank you so much for this great giveaway, Lis x
Barbara S. said…
Love the photo of you and Benjamin bunny.
Thanks for the chance to win one of your books...very generous of you.
Hope your Christmas was merry. We are sitting under two feet of snow here in NJ, so it's a very white holiday at the moment.
teacosy said…
as I can`t come to see you in person (still saving up for the flights) as your living half way around the globe I would love to be picked for the PWESENT.
Wünsche euch ein Frohes Neues Jahr.
gruß Sylvia
pinkviolets said…
Love the photo's
Alex said…
Holy guacamole - 49 comments...let's make that 50!!!!
Nat sent me over. Great giveaway. Thanks for entering me :-)
lambiepie4 said…
I love tea. I love tea cozies. And I love you!
quiltmom said…
You have a lovely name- I think the picture with you and your son is beautiful and you still are beautiful.
I have a son that is slightly younger than yours _He was born the Christmas of 1987. He was away this Christmas with his girlfriend and her family.
I think the tea cosies are just charming. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway. I am going to leave a note on Nat's now. I have followed her blog for awhile now.
Warmest regards from a Western Canadian quilter,
Marcia W. said…
Nat sent me to your blog. Your photo with your son is lovely. Though also like your flapper photo too. Thanks for the nice giveaway. I need to go take a sip of my tea (not allowed at my computer - I'm a klutz). So, a tea cosie would be great to keep it warm. Happy New Year from very cold Florida (will be 18 degrees tonight).
Annie said…
Love this giveaway.
Love the teacosies,
and the books
and the mats n mugs at Nat's
Have a great New Year.
Lee said…
I came over from Nat's Blogiversary post! 2yrs for her - yeah! thanks for the lovely giveaway. Looked around and Wow those cozies are the coziest I have every seen. Thanks and Happy New Year from MI USA.
Kate said…
My my aren't we popular!!! A vewy mewwy cwis-mas to One and ones tea cosies from a Sydney fan.
Emilia said…
:D :D :D
How amazingly awesome of you!

Please pick me- I'm a poor college student with two new teapots.

Happy Whatever-Wintertime-Holiday-You-Celebrate!!
Thank you for this awesome contest!
Have a drink for you? We have had many.
Cool Knits said…
You haven't changed a bit. Would love to win either or of your books. Love your stuff. Have a Happy New Year.

Donna said…
Hi Loani
I just love you tea cosy and your very entertaining blog. I am currently attempting to make Roger Rampant at the moment which is looking not too bad, but I am going to book into your March workshop at Threads and More in Brisbane as I feel I would benefit from more technical advice!! Would love to win a pwessie too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tea cosies with us - they always make me smile.
Cheers Donna
Justjen said…
Wow all that ageless beauty & talent as well!! I'd love to play giveaways please,cos I make really bad tea cosies & I need lots of help
xxx Jenny
Ginga Squid said…
Nice orange ear warmer!
Obviously I have your original book, but here's hoping I can win a bit of Really Wild... V x
Eileen said…
enjoy reading your blog and love Australia! Best place to visit and now need to make a tea cosie.
ParisMaddy said…
Nat sent me to your fun blog. Thanks for the goodies giveaway.

Happy, fun, glittering New Year.

~ Madeline
Kim said…
Oh yes that tea cozy is to die for.....how darn cute!
thanks for a chance to win and I'll blog about your giveaway too.

Happy sewing
Robin C said…
Came to see you from Nat's blog. Happy New Year 2011
Gari said…
What a fun giveaway, thanks.
Cheryl said…
Another book!
I am so happy!
Thank you.
Terry said…
Nat introduced me to you by getting me to knit a roses cosie.
DGs describes it as a beannie for she's (translate Grama) cup of tea.
It is next to the beer bottle (with glass stopper) from the Deniliquin Brewery. How Aussie is that?
Thanks for such fun.
Simone de Klerk said…
Lots of beautiful work coming from you and such a gorgeous giveaway!
Such a fun way to organize a giveaway!
Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
Em said…
I love the photo of you and your son, so nostalgic! Your tea cozies are really wild! I don't have a teapot, but these are really creative!
Mellisa said…
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity- I'm headed to Nat's blog now :)
Red Heads said…
I love your blog. I have purchased one of your tea cosys books & as yet have not decided which one to make. That is one of my 2011 January projects to do. Love your 1989 photo. Blessings. Dianne
Robyn said…
Love these photos... really beautiful.

lovely to be here again...
bit early in the morn for me to have a drink...even though my head feels like that is exactly what I have been doing.
Minka's Studio said…
Beautiful photo of you and your son. Great hair cut too!

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