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Roses Roses Roses

Presenting Rosie Posy In all her glorious incarnations. Not as in "Carnation". Not that there is anything wrong with Carnations. But as in - there are as many variations of Rosie Posy as there are knitters. Which is a LOT.

Most of these incarnations are on display on that nutty knitting phenomenon RAVELRY - the Facebook of Knitting. One is not a fan of FB and has disappeared from there after  a second failed attempt to understand it's attractions to others. Please excuse One if you have been looking for One there. One left without so much as a thank you and goodbye,
And with a great deal of Pique and Huffiness
For no apparent reason other than Pique and Huffiness seemed the order of the day.
But RAVELRY Now that is quite another thing altogether.
At Ravelry There is so much to see and learn, From the beautiful to the barmy.

Each of these beautiful (never barmy) cosies has an owner. And most have a Rav name and address But knitters will understand that listing all those addresses here wo…

One's Year in Art

One has gathered by luck and by design some beautiful things from around the globe this last year.

This little beauty (the black ink drawing on white paper) came by luck, a win over at the bloggy home of Lilly Piri.

Lilly is One's second cousin, not seen in about a decade, since she was just a Gel (gel spoken with a hard 'G'). Lilly is now an old married woman ('old' not in the sense of being OLD but rather in the sense of not being a 'G'el any more) and lives with her German husband in .... Germany! (soft 'G' for 'German' and 'Germany'.)

One, being old (definitely in the sense of being OLD), has completely forgotten how One found Lilly here in blogland. But what a treat to find Lilly doing what she is doing.  Thank you Lilly, for One's gift and all the other little unexpected but much appreciated gifts that came with it.

Aishlyn drew this for One.  Aishlyn is still a young Gel, perhaps more of a little Gel really.  She came wi…

Nup. No Floods Here

One was going to tell you all about the Queensland floods. In fact One spent a good part of the morning posting all about all kinds of natural disasters of the cyclonic, fire AND flood kind before One decided to simply do this instead.

Oh alright.
Just a little bit.

We are dry here today after a year's worth of rain having fallen in 6 weeks.  By some magic, we are not flooded. The third level is a muddy mire.  The septic trench is smelling more country than usual.  And if we didn't suffer from cabin fever we might try white water rafting down the storm water outlet on the edge of our property.

But that is nothing...

Up the road a bit to Gympie and down the road a bit to Caboolture, west a bit to Toowomba and then further south to Brisbane, flood waters are showing off their awesome power.  Friends and family are affected to varying degrees.  It is all awful.   One has found it difficult to talk to anyone much, let alone blog.  But a bit of sunshine and a sticking out of woolly …

Win Win

This is Nat.  I have never met Nat.  Well not in the flesh.  Nat lives in Melbourne.  I know Nat from here in blog land.  I can't remember how or when or why but at some point in the way that the world wide web works, Nat and Loani crossed bloggy paths, and then started talking.

The Kwistmas Pwesent give away was Nat's idea.  She wrote to me to say that she was going to give away a tea cosy that she had knitted - a REALLY Wild Tea Cosy, Garden Party and where could she buy my book to give away too. 

Of course, Nat had her own very beautiful quilt work to share.  Mugs and mug mats.

Well what was I going to say?  Except of course "I will give the books."  And "let's send our followers to each others blogs."

That has been the REAL treat.  All the lovely new bloggers to play with.  YOU!

One and The Bloke

And well here is One and The Bloke wishing you everything your heart desires in 2011!

Come on now!  Only the manliest of men would agree to wave at you in…

Owl Tea Cosy

Click HERE for your FREE Owl Tea Cosy pattern.

It was last seen in the Australian New Idea in 1975.

I am unable to find who the author/designer was so I offer it here in the hope that no copyright is infringed and no person is offended.

This vintage owl cosy seems to be extremely popular.


This is one that Shazza made.