Really Wild Tea Cosies is an eBOOK !

One is a Modern Knitter.
Yes One is.
One has an Ebook.
Or is that an eBOOK.

iPad and iPhone - yes - iPhone users can download Really Wild Tea Cosies from their Apple iBookstore for AUD $12.99.

Tea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea he he he ha ha ha
(that is a polite giggle, not an hysterical cackle - oh OK there is a bit a cackle towards the end there)

Kindle users can download from Amazon KINDLE for AUD $9.99

What is the difference One hears you cry.

the Apple iBookstore version is an exact replica of the print version with all it's beautiful design features in place.

the Amazon Kindle version is text plus photos. You get all the information you need to complete the patterns but the book doesn't look quite so spiffy.

Noice.  Real noice.


GerryART said…
Can not find an edition for my NookColor.

I hope maybe

Ginga Squid said…
Yay oh great one, as I'm in the UK and have just purchased a Kindle! Waiting for my mum to show me how to use it though.....
Will defo upload to it - how very wizzo!
Shell Sherree said…
Woot! {Not just the sound of a kettle boiling.} Congratulations, Loani ~ how exciting!
grrl + dog said…
the wonders of the steam age..

this must mean the book is a certain popularity level to warrant it's digital replica?

Well done!
teacosies for everyone.
little hat said…
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! that's exciting loani.
Luvvie said…
Such a modern mill-e it is u

Oooh word verification is bluga...should be eBloga me thinks.
Hahnsmum. said…
Well, how extra COOOOL is that.. Good stuff..
Sheep Rustler said…
I must admit that in my usual cock-eyed way I read that as 'is an Ewok' - ever thought of amking an Ewol teacosy ?!
Slim Lady said…
Loani, that is too cool!!
Slim Lady said…
Loani, that is sooo cool. I'm going to be in Noosa in October...will you??
Hahnsmum. said…
HUGE craft show at South BAnk, Brisbane in October... Any teacosy displays Loani?? Old Granny & her girls are going to be there..
Gidgetknits said…
Oh, that's so neat! e-Cosies!
Anonymous said…
E buy gum, exceptional stuff.
lilly piri said…
Oh that's so cool! Congratulations :)

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