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The Same but Different

Now DON'T get excited!

No there is NOT another tea cosy book!

But there is a UK edition of How Tea Cosies Changed the World.

The BookPeople have published How Tea Cosies Changed the World under a different cover and title.

How about that.


One is pretty sure that Betty the Burlesque Dancer is pretty chuffed about it too.

One gets another little edition to add to One's collection of editions.

Not Forgotten

Trumpet Flower  Free pattern One has been very neglectful of One's blog lately. One has gone over to the other side (facebook) but One has not forgotten. The fabric at the back is garter stitch with needle and thread weaving.  Makes it look like a sumptuous tweed fabric no?!

The Numbers Game

Very Important Numbers

20  There are twenty new petite objets d'art pour les tea cosies to make.  For a proper exhibition in a gallery (or eight) with plinths and down lighting and didactics etc.

74  There are seventy four voice recordings to transcribe for said exhibitions - tea cosy guardian stories gathered from six towns across three states during 2012.

1  There is one book to propose to a  publisher.

4  That would be book number four.  Perhaps we are heading to the Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Tea Cosies after all.

6  There are six Craft and Quilt Fairs in six cities around Australia and NZ to prepare for. 

2  There are two April 'at home' workshops to look forward to.


One has been making scarves!  Well, ONE scarf.  Sunita's Double Knit New Yorker with Woven Windows.

6    OK .... so there ARE tea cosies on the boil .....six cosies done and dusted and patterned! 

14   Fourteen to go.  

0   None, zero, zilch can be shown here.  Not for ag…