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Royal Melbourne Show - Tea Cosy SWAP

You have ONE WEEK to register for the  Royal Melbourne Show Tea Cosy SWAP

Submit your online entry at Art, Craft and Cookery page before the 26 July deadline.
Completed cosies are required to be delivered on 11 September.
Full details are in the competition Schedule

All tea cosies received will be displayed in the Art, Craft & Cookery Pavilion during the Royal Melbourne Show from 21 September – 2 October 2013.  Tetley will make a monetary donation to the McGrath foundation to help fund the work of breast care nurses for every tea cosy received.

Participants will enjoy the fun of receiving a different, surprise cosy in return for entering.
G'orn.  It'll be fun. One will be in residence holding court (giving talks) on
26, 27 and 28 September.
One will have an original Queen of the Tea Cosies cosy in the swap with teapot and provenance -  you might be the one to receive it.
One will choose One's favourite FOUR tea cosies wot will receive a little Queenly award and reward.

Tibetan Tea Warriors

Introducing the  Tibetan Tea Warriors - a KNITmation
Knitted objets d'art my moi Video editing by Bob Blasdall of ThePOSTworks for an exhibiton
Portraits of a Tea Cosy
Ah.  The things we do !

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

... is up and running.

Hoorah!  Hooray!

Who'd a thunk?  A germ of an idea, perhaps even a gem of an idea, formed FIVE years ago.

A gallery director took us on TWO years ago.

And on Friday night - a Grand Opening at the Warwick Art Gallery, Warwick, Queensland.

Knitted Objets d'Art by MOI.

Photographic portraits by
Mark Crocker.

Audio stories by the Tea Cosy Guardians.

Knitmation - YES - a knitmation by Moi and that funny Bob Blasdall from thePostWorks.

What is a Knitmation?
Watch this space.

Sound editing by Colin Alley.
Some of the Tea Cosy Guardians - who had their portraits taken and told their stories - and came to celebrate on Friday night.

Thank you, you happy lovely people for sharing the times and people you have loved.
Partying, and looking, and sitting.

Thank goodness for fabulous friends who come from miles away to play.

Alex, Bob and Sal.
(yes all my friends are short arses)

 And thank goodness for The Bloke - moy bestest fwend in the world…



The number of years One has taught at Sturt Winter School, Mittagong, Southern Highlands, NSW.


The number of times sisters Heather and Barbara have come to the Wild Knitting Class - double trouble for double knitting!  Thank you for coming again.  You can come again any time!


The number of times we pulled out and started again, the number of cleaver peaks, and well... nowhere near the number of laughs we had on the way.  Marilyn, you are a treat.

Introducing "Jester Cupper Tea "


The number we were until one absconded to WOODWORK before we'd even begun! You can't win 'em all.

The number of ideas there are in the world to surprise and delight.

Jo - quietly quietly you beavered away with the odd consult ... and then there was ....

"Loose Leaf Tree" !!!

The number of things we learned

* The Holy Cast On (because it is heavenly!)
* Knitting in the Round with the Magic Loop
* Continental Knitting
* The Long Tail cast on
* Kitch…